New Farm Physiotherapy stocks a wide range of products to help facilitate your rehab and promote your health. We are conveniently located in New Farm which is close to Brisbane’s C.B.D.

Exercise Equipment

bandsphysioFit balls, ITB Rollers, Balance Boards and shoulder pulleys are constantly on stock. You can buy Theraband and Theratube by the metre. Specific items can be ordered in and will normally take a day or two to arrive.



Naturopathic Products.

We stock a comprehensive range of high quality vitamins and herbal medicines. Herbal medicines which pertain to musculo-skeletal conditions include magnesium supplements, turmeric (curcumin), zinc and vitamin D. We also stock Naturopathic items that may be prescribed by Patrick Thompson our resident Naturopath.


Supports and Braces

New Farm Physio carry a range of supports as follows: Belts to control the pelvis and SIJ joint, tennis elbow supports and knee support. Some supports such as wrist and ankle supports need to be ordered according to the size required. They may take a day or two to arrive.



Pain relief products

We stock reasonably priced TENS machines. A new micro-current stimulator called a Painmaster has been popular for acute or chronic pain relief and is very reasonably priced. Massage balls, Fisiocrem and stick-on heat patches are also constantly in stock.



Items for Comfort.

The Complete Sleeper Pillow has been an essential item over the years. It is
one of the best pillows on the market and is made in Australia. It is well priced at $85 and is GST free. We also stock Sitting Wedges and lumbar rolls for your office chair. A blow up travelling lumbar roll is a new item in stock for pilots and other travelers needing to conserve space.