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Pilates at New Farm Physio Brisbane.


Pilates has started at the practice with the arrival of our “reformer”- this is a large piece of exercise equipment designed for exercise focusing on core abdominal strength.

The Pilates sessions will be one-on-one although the option of independent pilates will be available once you are confident with the equipment and you want to practice more often.

Combining Physiotherapy with pilates allows for the most complete rehabilitation available plus it is a great fitness regime

Pilates Tuition:

Rebecca Duhig will take pilates appointments throughout the day and early evening. She will be able to formulate a programme according to your fitness and rehabilitation requirements.

The initial consultation will take 45 minutes and this will include an assessment, tuition on how to engage your core stability muscles, introduction to the “reformer” and a short home programme of pilates exercises.

Follow-up pilates session are 30 minutes.  Your programme is fully recorded so that mastering the equipment and gradual progression is a priority.

We aim for it to be a FUN session.

What is Pilatesand Why Should I Do it?

Pilates is a system of exercises designed to increase flexibility, strengthen muscles, and improve core stability, posture and balance.

Pilates originated in the 1920’s as a form of rehabilitation for patients injured during the First World War.  Joseph Pilate’s was the pioneer of the Pilate’s method.  We incorporate modern knowledge of bio mechanics and functional anatomy with these original methods to deliver a whole body, low impact exercise and conditioning program.

 As a Therapy Pilates is Ideal for:


  • lower back problems
  • neck pain and headache
  • recovery after surgery
  • strength and toning after childbirth
  • scoliosis and postural condition
  • sports conditioning and injury prevention


For Details and Bookings

Contact New Farm Physiotherapy. Pilates tuition will be carried out on a one to one basis to ensure optimal technique.

A further option of independent pilates will be made available to clients who are skilled and motivated.

Your health fund card will work for the Pilates as well as Physio.

To Book Pilates New Farm Brisbane CBD Telephone: 07 3358 5481