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Three Benefits of Sports Management by Your Physiotherapist


You may not consider yourself an elite athlete, but you do regularly engage in a running program, and you may participate in events such as the annual fun run calendar in Brisbane. Maybe as part of your fitness program you do Yoga and Pilates, or have a regular resistance training program at the gym. Overall you think you’ve got everything under control … right?


Did you know that post-exercise recovery is critical in your being able to maintain your fitness regime? If you don’t engage in post-exercise recovery you run the critical risk of a serious injury that can put you out of action as far as fitness goes for a significant period of time. That is where being properly managed by a physiotherapist, and receiving regular massage and nutrition advice is imperative.


1.  Nutrition, Massage and Sports Management Can Be Delivered All Together

When you visit New Farm Physiotherapy, you have the benefit and convenience of having dietary management and advice, massage, physiotherapy, injury prevention, sports rehabilitation and exercise prescription all delivered under one roof. Seeing multiple clinics with a variety of different management programs can be confusing.


If you see a Naturopath who recommends a different regime to what your physiotherapist has advised, or the advice you have received appears to be contradictory, this problem can be resolved by seeing clinicians all at the one facility. Your file will be managed so that is remains private and confidential, and we work closely with your primary healthcare practitioner so that all of our treatment is complementary, safe and integrative.


A Naturopath can advise a number of holistic lifestyle prescriptions, such as nutrition, health supplements, and refer you to the massage therapist or physiotherapist for exercise management. When a physiotherapist designs you an exercise program, and monitors your performance, you can be assured that it will be safe and help prevent you from receiving an injury due to over-training or incorrect technique.


2. Safer For People With Complex Health Issues

For people who have complex health issues, and who wish to be physically active, having all of your sports and fitness managed by the one physiotherapy clinic can be hugely advantageous. If your doctor or specialist needs to be updated or advised on how you are responding to any particular treatment, or if your condition has worsened, this can be noted, and all practitioners at the clinic can be advised and respond appropriately.


If you have been diagnosed by your doctor with a health condition such as diabetes or asthma, or recovering from an acute condition such as stroke or heart attack, it is advisable to obtain a clear indication from your medical practitioner that it is safe to embark on a graded exercise programme.  New Farm Physio can then work closely with the doctor to ensure your rehabilitation progresses safely.


A gym may not accept you without medical clearance, and advise that your program of exercise be prescribed by a physiotherapist. In the case of complex disease and chronic conditions, exercise is often an important prescription in the treatment and management of these. Diabetes mellitus is often treated with diet and exercise alone, and this requires careful management, and a physiotherapist is best positioned to help monitor the progress of a client with complex conditions.  The role of the Naturopath is also important as they can monitor closely your diet and nutrition needs to ensure your energy levels are optimal for the exercise.


Massage is also important, particularly when people with chronic health complaints are undergoing programs of exercise. Massage helps to promote circulation in tissues and improves joint mobility. For people recovering from recent surgery or prolonged periods of illness and bed rest, massage can help speed recovery through improvment of limb mobility.


Exercise management, and post hospital (if applicable) disease and condition management can be provided by the physiotherapist and the naturopath so that all treatments are complementary and aid in speedy recovery.


3. Physiotherapists Plan A Speedier Recovery


If you have had a recent sports injury, and wanting to get back to exercise at the earliest possible convenience, it is important to ensure that you prevent any further damage, or beginning exercise again prior to it healing fully. A physiotherapist can provide advice on how to train while recovering, and provide information and treatment on healing the damaged or torn body parts.


If you have had surgery for a torn muscle, or had bones fused, then it is even more important that you ensure that you plan for a safe period of recovery. Pain is there to prevent further damage to body parts, and aids as a warning system in the body. If you experience any pain while working out doing exercise or sport, it is important to rest, and see the physiotherapist in order to diagnose the problem. A general practitioner can provide monitoring of your condition and prescription pain management, but a physiotherapist is trained to offer specific exercise programs and rehabilitation management. Seeing a physiotherapist and complying with a post-injury sports management program will ensure that your body recovers completely and that you have a balance between stretching, pain management and rest.




For the assurance of safe and proper exercise function, and to ensure that you are performing your movement correctly, and to have any techniques corrected, attending a clinic with physiotherapist, complemented with a massage for post exercise recovery, and a naturopath for holistic dietary and lifestyle management is the best option for people who want to be healthy and stay healthy.


For athletes, both amateur and professional there are clear advantages in attending a physiotherapist who offers sports management, and this means that you are given a safe and effective program that will increase your performance and stamina. With complementary dietary advice and lifestyle tips, and post-sports massage, athletes are given every opportunity to succeed.


For people who enjoy exercise and a healthy lifestyle, and want to get more out of life and enjoy themselves, participating in sport and exercise is a very important lifestyle choice. Daily exercise, and the social participation in group sport are both fulfilling and enable better functioning bodies. Many studies have supported the participation of people in group exercise and team sports, and this has aided in overall lifestyle satisfaction and wellbeing.


To prevent the risk of injury, and to have your exercise, lifestyle and nutrition monitored, and to promote relaxation and wellbeing, a holistic sports management clinic, like Newfarm Physiotherapy will provide you with the best possible overall supervision.




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