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Five Ways to Stay Fit for Busy Career Mums

How do I find ways to stay fit and healthy? You may find that your fitness levels slide, and you end up with small niggling pains, especially around this time of year, with end of year pressures mounting. As women we are often expected to soldier on and neglect our own needs. This cultural view of the feminine being this collective group of stolid and perky goddesses who excel at having the perfect domestic environment, stellar career and permanently on-the-clock for family and friends comes at great personal cost.

As the expectations often increase and demands on personal resources, finances and energy increases around holiday season, personal well being often takes a cut in priority. Ironically, this leads to lower levels of personal comfort and happiness, because taking care of health and fitness is one of the best ways that leads to prosperity and happiness.

Habits Create Success – Tip One

Have you understood from general information, that forming good habits can lead to healthy ways of living and better levels of functioning? Self-discipline, formed through routine practice of good habits will ensure that you are stepping out and into a good life. Bad habits that cause detriment to your health include too much alcohol, being excessively negative, taking recreational drugs, associating with toxic people and being too sedentary.

People spend a lot of time on social media, and forget to be mindful of their surroundings. Some of the greatest minds in history, such as Steve Jobs, Henry David Thoreau, Charles Dickens and Aristotle all took evening walks, in order to consolidate everything they had done throughout that day. You could substitute some time walking, and being mindful of your surroundings instead of sitting down and spending time on Facebook or Twitter.

Log Your Exercise With a Fitness Tracker – Tip Two

Incidental exercise has been demonstrated to be effective in assisting to maintain health, and for sedentary office workers or executives, it is important to get up and exercise and stretch for at least five minutes every hour. A fitness tracker, which can be available in a number of different styles and wearable (watches or other types of jewellery) is a discreet way of reminding yourself to obtain a certain minimum level of exercise every day.

Health studies have recommended a minimum of 10,000 steps per day, in order to be considered an “active” person. In additional to taking a minimum number of steps in incidental exercise throughout the day, exercise on purpose, meaning at least thirty minutes every other day, of yoga, Pilates resistance exercise and cardiovascular exercise will ensure proper health and fitness.

Subscribe to a Fitness App – Tip Three

If you have a smart phone, either Android or iOS, you will find a variety of either paid or free apps available to use that can help you develop an at home exercise program. Fitness apps help provide variety in your exercise routine, and some apps have the ability to integrate your t
When people support each other socially, and encourage each other to stay fit and healthy, a group generally helps contribute to the overall success of each one. Fitness apps have a variety of different types of exercise, including weight loss and muscle building routines.

Make Exercise a Social Event – Tip Four

When you have a group of friends that all have a common goal in staying fit, and healthy, this can combine both your social routine as well as your fitness program. Walking groups are offered in the community, and some shopping centres in major areas offer group exercise programs as a community service.

There are many ways to access free community fitness programs, and free programs are a great way to explore health and fitness options. Meetup, a website that lists various social events also has a large number of social and community groups that get together for exercise and recreational purposes such as Zumba, walking groups, latin american dancing, aerobics and water sports.

Join a Community Sport – Tip Five

If you are a mother who has the stereotypical Mum’s soccer wagon, then you do care about your family’s health, and probably spend a great deal of time shuttling your children around to team sports and other lessons. Have you considered that it might be worthwhile for you as a parent to take part in team sports and to set an example to your children and family of participation and healthy lifestyle?

Team sports are a great way to meet other people in a positive environment and to develop healthy lifestyle habits for both yourself and your children. Taking part in active recreational programs means putting your own well being as a major priority.

Refuse to Feel Guilty for Taking Care of Your Health – Tip Five

With so many expectations and demands on women, and societal guilt from having to maintain a perfect image, a lot of women develop a martyr type complex, and this can create undertones of resentment. A woman who neglects her own physical, emotional and mental health is more likely to suffer illness and depression, and her family and friends will soon have to deal with the ramifications of a woman with burnout.

Taking time for yourself as a woman, mother, career person and community member should be a matter of priority, and it is a redundant excuse to say there is too much going on and that you have too many expectations or not enough time to self care. If you don’t take the time to self care, and refuse some demands, engagements and other types of commitments where you should be instead participating in self-healing activities such as exercise, meditation, recreation and massage, then your health will end up suffering greatly as a result.

Stress builds up over a period of time, and burnout, chronic pain and some diseases come about as a result of poor lifestyle choices. Being healthy is a proactive choice, and speaking to a physiotherapy if you have previously been injured, unwell or been inactive for a long time is a good way to get your health back on track.

Both the physio and massage therapist can provide massage, and direction and instruction into safe exercise programs, and assist a woman to live her best possible lifestyle that will fit into her life. Life can be very busy, but carving time out of every single day to be physically active and to be mindful of health as a major priority will greatly enhance your quality of life.

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